About us

Kame Fitness Company was started on 20th October 2019 by alums from IIT Bombay and FMS Delhi. Our aim is to provide people with best products having topmost quality, at a very affordable price. For years the marketing and manufacturing industry has created a myth that price is directly proportional to quality, which is true to an extent but the greed has breached all thresholds and as consumers we get B to C category products for A+ category price. We at Kame Fitness Company do not believe in the hypothesis and we are here to break all stereotypes "specially" related to price and quality of the product. Each product that we sell has to undergo multiple quality checks & tests, automated and manual which ensures that we maintain the highest quality product line across all categories we serve and operate.
Cutting it short "Quality and Price" is what we focus on, and our core agenda or belief is to provide best quality at the least price. We do not charge any shipping fee above 499 INR and we deliver products within a week across India, we have invested heavily in good quality "Value Chain System".
"If you buy it from Kame, you get the best product in terms of quality and you save a lot of money. It is safe to assume that to match our quality you have to spend at-least thrice if not more"
We are here to make profits and pay salaries to our colleagues but for that we do not want to rob the consumer, we want to establish an ecosystem which rewards the consumer with the right product for the money invested, thus adding good value to his/her experience.
We are into Health & Wellness, Active Wear, Active Footwear and Healthy Snacks.
We are looking forward towards making and maintaining a long term positive and healthy relationship with you.
We provide free Diet and Workout plan which is really cool, its powered by Nutriverse Artificial Intelligence. We are very proud to say that we are the only company which gives break up of calories upto 2 decimal places, and we are absolutely free. Do check us out on Android and IOS by the name Nutriverse or Kame Fitness.